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To create a unique Van Cleef & Arpels Ring Replica

Le 21 November 2017, 07:50 dans Lifestyle 0

Wedding ring is to witness the life of a happy life of love keepsake, especially in the absence of years or statutory holidays, wedding invitations are endless in your hands, microblogging friends in a variety of sun wedding ring Is also numerous. Now people are the pursuit of a unique ears, even the marriage letter is no exception, to create a unique wedding ring to give her an eternal promise. All the custom terms seem to represent the high-end, expensive, non-civilian people can match the area, and the replica Van Cleef & Arpels Earrings and custom two seemingly permeable two words and together, maybe However, as long as a little understanding of the jewelry industry you will find that not only in the style and quality, custom replica Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Earrings to better meet customer needs, but also because of the reduction of many intermediate circulation, so more benefits are So that consumers, the same diamond wedding style, and sometimes custom fake Van Cleef & Arpels rings even more than the direct purchase of diamond ring finished products to be cheaper than half of the real beauty and affordable, and this is the wedding ring custom more and more popular reasons one. With the continuous improvement of modern aesthetic requirements, more and more people no longer meet the monotony of the finished product Copy Van Cleef & Arpels rings, more pursuit of personality and unique, ring hit and clothes Zhuangshan for beauty and the pursuit of Romantic women simply can not bear, so in recent years, wedding ring custom popular, and more and finished the wedding ring a higher momentum, looking at the window of the dazzling jewelry, but it is difficult to find their own good heart, So why not try the Van Cleef & Arpels wedding custom? Since ancient times, humans have the habit of affection in the material, the existence of fake Van Cleef & Arpels alhambra rings, not only as a kind of ornaments, but also a feeling of sustenance, and even not the same way to wear a different meaning. As we all know, Van Cleef & Arpels is one of the essential elements of the wedding, imagine such a picture: in the romantic wedding, you personally for the most beloved that she wore fake Van Cleef & Arpels butterfly rings, since then she and Rings will be with you for a lifetime, so to create a most satisfied with their own ring is very important, it is worth every couple to spend their minds to pick and find. To create a unique marriage cheap Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra rings is a good commitment to her life, so when the custom wedding ring must be particularly hard. Now a lot of jewelry brands have wedding ring customization services, in a sense of happiness Van Cleef & Arpels custom wedding ring you only need a simple three steps can easily get, select the diamond, selection ring, perfect custom. replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry to ring true love, life and death dew and sub-into that, hold your hand and sub-harmonic old.

According to the skin color selection cartier love earrings replica

Le 21 November 2017, 07:48 dans Lifestyle 0

1, skin color is white Choose a more vivid color of the fake Cartier love hoop earrings, such as bright red, dark purple, brown or talk about red earrings. This kind of skin color options for the choice of earrings relatively large, most of the hue earrings can get a better decorative effect. 2, bronze skin To wear a color to talk about, some of the fake Cartier jewelry, such as milky white ivory earrings, creamy agate earrings, light green moonlight earrings or light purple crystal earrings. 3, more yellow skin color To wear a variety of silver earrings, white gold alloy replica Cartier love earrings better. 4, darker skin color Choose silver-white earrings as well. Copy Cartier love earrings 18 yellow gold are very suitable for a variety of skin color, it is a mild warm, pure, bright, rich feeling. Pearl color is also suitable for a variety of skin color, whether it is white skin or other colors, pearl earrings can play the same effect.


Le 21 November 2017, 07:47 dans Lifestyle 0

To Zuo Kayi official website reference price point of view, 4 carat bare diamond prices from nearly three hundred thousand to two hundred and six hundred thousand or so, which fast three hundred thousand four grams of bare diamond, the shape is shaped diamond, color J color,Cartier Juste un Clou Ring Copy Clarity SI1, polished symmetry are EX, cost is still very high. And two hundred and sixty thousand or so 4 carat bare diamond is the color clarity cut fluorescent are the top fineness, diamonds are the most significant round, so the price is very high. How much is the 4-carat bare diamond? 4 carat bare diamond prices, from the highest price and the lowest point of view, a difference of more than two hundred and thirty million, the difference is very large! This is because the greater the diamond, the price of different parameters are geometric growth, the difference naturally more and more! The greater the diamond carat, fineness the better, the collection value and value-added efforts will be greater, so the price will be so different! How much is the 4-carat bare diamond? The main factor affecting the price of 4 karats of bare diamond is diamond 4C and fluorescence, that is, diamond clarity, color, cut, weight, fluorescence and so on. 4 carat bare drill the higher the clarity, the more the color, cut the more perfect, the better the fluorescent, bare diamond the corresponding price will be higher. Although we want to buy at the time of purchase to buy flawless, flashing fake Hermes Kelly double tour bracelet and beautiful perfect diamonds, but the existence of natural diamonds there are more or less flaws, the purchase, choose to meet their needs and budget bare diamond on it. How much is the 4-carat bare diamond? 4 carat bare diamond price of an important factor can not be ignored is the purchase of bare diamond brand, if it is an international first-line brand, 4 carat bare diamond price must be very expensive, consumers need for their brand value, store rental costs, Transportation costs, labor costs, as well as the brand advertising costs to pay, so the big brands sold by 4 carat bare diamond prices may be higher than the original price of diamonds is much higher. So we in the selection, it is best to shop more than one, more contrast is the king! Such as Zoukai on the good, very high cost. Like a little such a small diamond, generally no one to sell, and no one will buy, small diamonds are bulk get goods, are generally used to set off a large diamond diamond set. If you really want to say the price, it is generally 50 yuan a. Of course, if the wholesale is not the price. How much is it? Generally only buy bare diamond custom diamond ring, and then diamond ring just a small diamond, will let the purchase of small drill, when buying, usually by a minute 50 to 70 yuan price, depending on the color of bare drill. But now many businesses are selling a ring is a price, not according to the actual weight or small diamond weight calculation. How much is it? A bit of bare diamond shopping malls to sell customers to be the price, and the back of the words, such as a sub-mosaic of such small diamonds, are not the price, because the small drill split, it can only be scrapped, not Again and again. So if you want to fake Hermes H earringsdo the main followers do not change, for the entrusted style such a change of service, in the purchase of diamond ring, it is best to choose a small drill less or no small drill, to avoid when the meat pain. How much is it? Part of the bare drill Although few people buy or sell, but the custom diamond ring if the weight of small drill by the price, small diamond color is different, the price will be different. Such as the main drill is I-J color, then the same small diamond with the same color, the price is 50 yuan a point; F-G color is 60 yuan a point, D-E color is 70 yuan a point. The main drill is what color, small drill will match what color, or when it will not look good. How much is it? A bit of bare diamond price and clarity is irrelevant, because like a minute such a small diamond, clarity, whether good or bad, the naked eye is difficult to see. But there is no black spot on the right. Cut the words, although it is a small diamond, but also cut more flash, or to set off a large diamond, there will be no business to bulk purchase to mosaic. 1 carat bare diamond prices in the seven to two hundred and twenty thousand or so, about one hundred and seventy-five carved bare diamond is a profiled drill, the lower level, 120,000 or so is 1 carat top fineness bare diamond. Today, the diamond ring has become a necessity of marriage, as a token of love, diamond rings to express their own love at the same time, it is a better future marriage life expectation ~ How much is the bare diamond of 1 carat? Although many new people will choose 30-50 points of the diamond ring, but with the improvement of economic conditions, some cost-effective jewelry brands such as the emergence of Zoacai, a carat bare diamond custom diamond ring began to be the majority of replica hermes h ringyoung people love, of course, Buy before we are most concerned about is a carat bare diamond how much money, because the price of bare diamond know, almost know the price of the diamond ring. How much is the bare diamond of 1 carat? A carat bare diamond price is very rich, from fast twenty thousand to more than ten thousand have, want to buy a carat bare diamond, you can first understand the good diamond 4C, to determine their own budget, and then to the official website of the tour Can you buy a carat naked drill? Or can go directly to the Zuo Kay official website naked diamond inquiry system, direct screening of bare diamond parameters, to see which parameters are suitable for their own price, just like their own, then it is. How much is the bare diamond of 1 carat? A carat naked drill belongs to the carat level above, generally will be more expensive, with the increase in the number of carats, its brand value is higher. If it is the same one carat naked drill, big brand almost ordinary brand price is 30% to 50% higher, in order to buy brand bare drill, you may want to spend more money for this. But in fact, we buy the diamond ring, not the brand, the brand does not affect the quality of the diamond ring is good or bad, so the selection of bare drill, the need to shop around, a lot of contrast to select Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelrythe highest cost of 1 carat bare diamond.

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