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diamond investment as on Fake Cartier love bracelet street corners circle hot topic

Le 18 août 2017, 10:03 dans Lifestyle 0

Diamond investment has just started Five pitfalls to see Many investors believe that flowers shape diamond prices will rise space is larger than general round diamonds. Actually otherwise, unless a very meticulous carving flower shape diamond abroad, such as spend diamonds adult face high technology such as carving diamonds, the really great investment value Diamond with minimum volume condenses the biggest value, is the symbol of wealth and love, in recent years, more get the favour of people. Whether it will soon into the marriage hall, still have head of smart people, diamond, efforts and hope to get the goal of all of them. Because of this, diamond investment as on Fake Cartier love bracelet street corners, circle hot topic, not only that, but more a lot of people compete to sell. Therefore, diamond became "the most crazy stone" the jewelry industry. For the current hot investment diamonds, must stay cool thinking, carefully into a diamond investment pitfalls! Now let's answer for you, five kinds of mistakes in the crack diamond investment. Myth 1 carat diamond has investment value Truth: there used to be a lot of magic, "more than 50 son have investment value", as time goes on, the idea of people also in gradual change, the diamond size, people have a preliminary understanding, but has the investment value of more than carat diamond for this evaluation criteria. Admittedly, scarcity value, but the classification has a strict system of diamond, the more the more rare diamond has a strict technical standard, also is our consumers know 4 c, but did not go far enough. Cut, for example, many consumers purchased in consulting, a few businessmen stood in their point of view, cheat consumers, they often in 3 ex cut higher prices and to emphasize is the highest level in the diamond cut. Hong-sheng wang jewelry as a senior adviser to remind consumers, even the GIA certificate should also be carefully to see, 3 ex cut is GIA to cut the preliminary evaluation of three basic indexes, including: polishing, grinding, symmetry. Myth 2 diamond in South Africa to buy the most cost-effective Truth: once saw a sentence, can be used here, the "heroes do not ask the source, diamond don't ask, don't origin". Although diamonds of the world's largest producing area is South Africa, but to buy diamond is not the cheapest Cartier love ring replica in South Africa, and as the world's biggest diamond cutting and processing, finished product naked drill in Antwerp, Belgium is the largest trading market, that is to say the global producer of diamonds more than 90% to send to Belgium processing, can be shipped worldwide sales. Someone will ask, so if buy in Antwerp diamond is the cheapest? This problem is not completely correct. Because, diamond is used as raw materials imported, the current diamond imports to China is zero tariff, therefore, in China to buy naked drill and to Belgium to buy diamond difference is not big, only have one more additional freight. Myth 3 flowers diamonds than the round diamond appreciation space is large Truth: many investors believe that flowers shape diamond prices will rise space is larger than general round diamonds. Actually otherwise, unless the kind of flower is very meticulous carving diamonds abroad, such as spend diamonds adult face high technology such as carving diamonds, the really big investment value, but from the point of view, heart, square diamond flower appreciation space below round diamonds. Myth 4 difficult diamond can be sold and turned into money Truth: the average person thinks, although diamond value is high, easy to carry, appreciation prospects, but cash is difficult, actually this is a mistake. Abroad, diamonds can be easily mortgage loans in the bank, the United States and the special diamond bank. At home, as the diamond investment market is becoming more and more mature, many diamond distributors spontaneously set up some buyback channel, or through the auction, pawn and other way also can be converted into cash. The greater the myth five diamond, the more valuable Truth: there is a misreading of the diamond Cartier love ring replica is diamond, the greater the more valuable, in fact, is not the case. Big diamond certainly worth than broken auger, but this kind of valuable big drill must be clear, without blemish, and 4 c level is high. Otherwise, probably would be a one carat sold for less than 50 acura drill. Jade, known for its deep crystal texture, contains the gas of the mysterious Oriental culture to be attractive, acquired a reputation as a "emerald of the east". Jade is not only a beautiful exterior burnish, more rich connotation. The light of its xiuwaihuizhong, not buckish, not frivolous, quiet and elegant, is that many people pursue and praised the character of the; It sofe texture, tenacity, gentle, internal rhyme, like Chinese character portrayal; It represents a kind of yearning, a kind of place, an inner peace and calm. These charming, zhang of jade, it has always been a people warm welcome collection. How do we identify jadeite quality and authenticity, in an increasingly complex jade market harvest truly valuable jade? We explain to you the five characteristics of jade, hope to provide some reference for all collection of jade and help. The first characteristic is the light transmittance of jade. Light transmittance of jadeite, refers to the light energy through the depth of the jade. When the light is projected onto the surface of jadeite, part of the light will be reflected from the surface, through from inside the jade will account for some of the light, because the particles of different degree of jade, crystal shape and in a different way, lead to light through the ability is also different. If jade through the light, the more its transparency, the better, the jade is very glittering and translucent get rid of, have the feeling of "green is about to drip water". According to the jade pervious to light the ability of high and Cartier love ring replica low, light transmittance of jadeite jade can be classified as four levels: transparent, transparent, slightly transparent and opaque. Represents the typical varieties are: glass, ice, 4 species, bean species. Factors influencing the transparency of jadeite mainly include the following: the depth of the color of jade itself can affect transparency, the deeper the color, transparency, the worse; The thickness of the emerald will affect transparency, the thinner, the better transparency. The second characteristic is the texture of the jade. Texture is commonly known as the kind of jade, is the important measure of jade quality indicators, quality of a material refers to a base of the structure of the jade namely we often say, son. Because the jade is an aggregate of many kinds of mineral, the structure of fibrous structure and granular structure, looks more exquisite and more good, rock flowers, spots, crack, the less the better. Jade quality of a material is exquisite and roughness is determined by the size of the grain, the grain size is larger, the more coarse texture, characterized by translucent or opaque, small grain size, fine texture, characterized by transparent to translucent. According to the size, quality of a material can be divided into dense, fine grain, the grain and coarse grain. Jade size directly affects the size of the jade quality of a material, the general said, fine grained structure of jade quality of a material soft, better head, good degree of polishing. The third feature is emerald studs. Emerald studs are refers to the degree of how much emerald internal defects, namely emerald Cartier nail bracelet replica internal contains other mineral inclusions (defects) and crack. Jade and other precious stones, clarity is a big element of value evaluation. The drawbacks of jade mainly has two kinds of white and black. Black flaws, some are dotted, known as the black spots, also has become a filamentous and ribbon, known as the black silk and black belt, is primarily a black mineral, with hornblende most, black spots are mostly appear in darker jade. White defects, mainly in granular and lump, generally called "they", "bubble" and so on, are mainly sodium feldspar minerals or collection. Defects of high-grade gem grade jade has enormous influence on the quality evaluation, medium and low-grade jade material can be according to the chocolate color arrangement and fine jade carving crafts. The presence of a crack to influence the quality of jade, jade in the crack has two kinds: one kind is caused by the outside impact crack, crack between the other is a crystal. Is impacted by the external cause of crack in a strong impact on quality, intergranular crack is caused by coarse crystal boundary constraints, the general effect is not big, but it is intergranular crack jade quality is poorer. The fourth characteristic is the jade flaws. The drawbacks of jadeite minerals is to point to some of the impurities, its color, shape, discord of inspection of an effect on the whole, often for some mottled black, tan mineral grains, silk flocculent, clouds of white rock flowers mixed in the overall quality of jadeite raw materials or finished products, the existence of these defects will affect the value of jade, especially for the influence of high-grade jadeite is bigger. Is classified into the cotton, grain, lock, crack. Cotton are the internal characteristics of native jadeite, exist in small granular, cone, or live YunXuZhuang, serious white cotton into rock flowers, affect the beautiful jade. Grain and emerald internal characteristics of native, is due to local on color jade or structural differences of grain, such as ribbon stone, etc. Lock is an internal characteristic of jadeite Cartier nail bracelet replica acquired. There are two main mechanism: the first is the jade is made up of different crystal particles, when the crystal particles coarser prone to larger particle clearance, under the irradiation of light have a flash effect; The second is the emerald after formed by extrusion of the crustal movement, cracking, rub, etc due to magma hot melt material such as infiltration will crack repair good, formed the subtle healing of fracture, is visible touched very slight defects. Crack jade is a more serious flaw, jade and external force by natural or artificial fracture, according to the mode of existence of crack, the influence of different degree of jade beautiful and use durability. The fifth is also one of the most important characteristics is the color of jade. In nature, jade a kaleidoscope of colors, rich and colorful. People usually call jade red "fei", green for "green". More green, bright red and violet are loved, especially in green is the most precious. Jewelry industry often on the basis of "thick, Yang, qiao, is, and" and "light, shade, old, evil, flower" the ten words to judge the emerald green. "Strong", namely green full, rich, strong and without black; Weak on the other hand, the green light, the color is a "light". "Yang", namely, bright green, bright, generous; On the contrary, if a dark green, without burnish, is "Yin". "Qiao", namely green uniform, soft with the "bottom" and "water" coordinate with Cartier nail bracelet replica each other; On the other hand, if the green dot, peak shape and block uneven distribution is "old". "Is", that is, pure green, the green without in blue, green, such as noise; Instead of "evil". "And", namely green uniform, harmony, not to spend not disorderly; The opposite of "flower". The pros and cons of green order: green, microstrip yellow green, yellow-green, microstrip grey green and sage green. Red jade known as the "red fei", commonly known as "spring" in the industry. "Fei" color often distribution under the original rock weathering surface, or along the original rock fracture distribution. For more red fei jade the parts of epidermis, also known as "red one" or "red fog". Natural quality lewd good red fei jade is difficult to see, can not make. The best red says "red", bright red and bright, the jade is exquisite connect fully, the top grade in red fei. Common red fei for more reddish brown or dark red, thick and not fully, the jade partial thick, and take the impurities, the value is not high. Huang fei in red above fei, closer to the skin. Most huang fei muddiness, often with brown, Yang is not enough. Natural quality of huang fei is also called "jade king", orange, or honey colored, were shining brilliantly, fresh color and evenly, belong to the top grade of huang fei, is relatively rare. Purple, commonly known as "green", like the violet color, also known as "violet". According to different color, divided into powder, eggplant purple purple and blue and purple, etc. Pink purple refers to microstrip in purple pink, quality of a material is exquisite, translucent, internal cotton tuft. With eggplant eggplant purple, purple, crimson red, rough texture, visible to the naked eye the mineral particles, poor transparency, inside there is a lot of cotton tuft. Violet, purple blue, rough texture, almost opaque, often mixed with light brown or white cotton, down.

Science and technology revolution smart watch 70 years reincarnation

Le 17 août 2017, 20:59 dans Lifestyle 0

Smart watches can be traced back to the earliest in 1941, evolution history is almost as long as the computer. But combing the development of smart watches this 70 years, there is an interesting phenomenon, why the development of science and technology each stage will appear a small wave of smart watches tide, but ultimately can not become the mainstream trend?

In the imagination of the surge of smart watches


Humans are constantly imagining a microcomputer that can be worn on the wrist, now called a smart watch. Smart watches first appeared in the time, or even dates back to 1941, its evolutionary history is almost as long as the computer. But it can not be like a computer Cartier love ring replica as a best-selling products, it is less than the current smart phone this rising star. Instead, the smartphone brings imagination. So, can the smartphone save it? Once it is saved, can it subvert the entire smartphone ecosystem?


Some people are not optimistic about the smart market prospects, and even market commentators have given a rather “harsh” view, that “when the mainstream smart phone screen size has evolved to 4 inches or so, tied on the wrist The world’s best cake show instrument, is essentially a ridiculous thing. ”


In fact, as early as 2009, LG and Samsung have launched a callable watch, but poor sales, manufacturers have gradually abandoned the watch to replace the idea of smart phones. Earlier, IBM, Microsoft and Palm and others have tried to play a new pattern on the watch – in the era of smart phones have not yet taken the lead, they have launched a PDA (Pocket PC) watch, but the market Response can only say quite flat.


Now, play smart phone supporting role can bring a bright future to the smart watch it? Seeking truthfully, the endless stream of smart watches, mostly Apple iPod nano style, in order to Bluetooth, music, these basic shared functions, and then find a “ground” application, the difficulty is really small.

Smart watch really want to come?


Although Apple’s iWatch has not yet available, but from the outside point of view, regardless of the technology giant or the new start-up companies seem to have to drive in front of Apple’s smart watch, almost become a consensus. The reason is simple, whether it is smart phones and tablet market, are redefined by the Apple, and iWatch is also likely to become another iPhone after the industry benchmark. In order to seize the market opportunities, technology companies no longer take the past to follow Apple’s strategy, but blindly fight to see who can launch the first class iWatch products, regardless of their own innovation efforts.


So, smart watches really want to come? The This three years, from the Italian technology company Blue Sky launched I’m Watch, Sony “show” too good shape of the Smart Watch, Canada’s public platform KickStarter star project Pebble smart watch, in the mobile phone design some “old Soil “Motorola has launched Motoactv, and then rumors will be released in September the second paragraph of the Samsung smart watch Galaxy Gear, and may be released next year Apple smart watch iWatch.


Not only foreign, domestic smart watches also began to get together this year. Since the end of June Shanda’s shell eggs released Geak Watch, there is a start from the entrepreneurial company in Shenzhen Science and Technology on August 8 released the second Cartier love bracelet replica paragraph of the domestic smart watches inWatch, another news that the hand travel industry popular figures Blue Harbor Online CEO Wang Feng investment in the soil Man Technology, will also be released in the near future a smart watch T-Watch. This is also the news release, count those cottage manufacturers launched, there are less than a few models.

The earliest dates back to 70 years ago


If you want to say the earliest smart watch, can be traced back to more than 70 years ago in 1941, the first calculator watch that audience Mimo Loga come out. Although this watch does not have any electronic components, but it is the first to calculate the watch. It is designed in the dial outer ring can be rotated logarithmic table, the use of a method like a slide rule. People who wear this watch can be calculated at any time.


However, this is not the last one. Time came to 1975, Hamilton followed the trend of the world’s first electronic calculator watch – Time Computer / Calculator. After another 10 years, Epson introduced the world’s first independent computer watch – Zilog Z80 based on the RC-20, through the ROM accessories to load a different program, and then in the watch dot matrix LCD screen to load, and Without any auxiliary peripherals.


In this sense, this watch has been able to run the application. And in the Epson launched this watch before and after a number of watch manufacturers began to launch information can be stored in the prototype watch.


The first to see the shadow of these smart watches, or the prototype of smart watches should be IBM in 2000 launched the first run Linux operating system Lunix Watch smart watch, equipped with 8MB RAM and 8MB flash memory. This watch can browse e-mail, receive pager class Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica information, provide calendar, address book and bookkeeping function, also supports Iridium and wireless connection.


The following year, IBM also cooperated with Citizen to launch the WatchPad 1.5 prototype product, also equipped with Linux system, but with 74MHz ARM CPU. This odd watch was only a brief appearance in 2001. The base is connected to the PC via the serial port and can be read from the website for 128KB text reading. However, its screen can only display two lines of text. It is mainly promoted by Hong Kong World Network Limited (the creator of the Hong Kong-based PAD Watch Web- @ nywhere) by mail order, which is enough to explain its little-known reasons.

De Beers diamond jewelry Dewdrop series bracelet crystal dazzling spark come out

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De Beers diamond jewelry Dewdrop series bracelet crystal dazzling spark come out
De Beers diamond jewelry Dewdrop series of inspiration from such a legend: for the memories of love Antoineus, the Roman Emperor Hadrian for the construction of a beautiful Eden, which contains residential areas, baths, gardens and water theater , Said at dawn from the petals on the fall of the dew with a magical magic. Through the clear dew, Antinus’s figure will last forever. Dewdrop series from the delicate Cartier love bracelet replica beads to draw inspiration muse, the morning sun crystal shine, clear hope and a good new starting point. Clear diamonds pure and flawless, highlight the vitality of nature.
De Beers De Beers Dewdrop Series Bracelet
Continuation of the design concept of Dewdrop series, this slim bracelet with the series with the same ring, earrings with the perfect, elegant and elegant, pavilions. Dewdrop series bracelet symbolizes the eternal youth and pure charm, its shape imitation at dawn when the formation of pure natural dewdrops, exquisite package of diamonds arranged in two dense diamonds between the lines, just like a water theater built. Facade with dense diamonds with exquisite hollow design, the back is the use of smooth design. Classic eternal design, easy with other diamond jewelry with a stack of wear, is to praise the beauty of women and the eternal beauty of the perfect gift. The bracelet is 16cm and 17cm two sizes to choose from, will be the end of October 2016 landing in China.
Gucci is pleased to introduce a new series of silverware. The series includes bracelets, rings, straps, earrings and pendants, inspired by Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele recently with the American artist Trouble Andrew to carry out cooperation.
GUCCIGHOST elf silverware series
The representative of the creative cooperation – Gucci Ghost use of the image of the hand-painted elf shape, but also the new Gucci silver series of the main works. The overall tone is youthful, vibrant, and with a strong sense of artistic graffiti. Pendant and ornament design elements not only include the main elf, but also extends a variety of colorful Fake Cartier love bracelet shapes, such as stars, rainbow, skull and slogan – all products to 925 silver to create, decorated with color enamel. Trouble Andrew for the original identity of the Gucci logo – drop paint effect “Real Gucci” slogan or hand-painted skull – throughout the series, for Gucci unique combination of letters and other design elements to bring a fresh and refreshing city wind.
Gucci Gucci Elf Silver Series Ring
As a natural derivative and extension of the collaboration with Trouble Andrew, the new silverware series proves that Gucci’s talent is in a way that can be carried out in different times.
“Love fearless” silver series
Gucci jewelry latest series of silver jewelry inherited Gucci’s creative aesthetics, once again interpreted the eclectic connotation of eclectic. The series, “Love and fearless”, includes rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings, inspired by creative director Alessandro Michele’s current distinctive design in his design series, Kind of iconic elements and contemporary modern engraved and symbolic logo vivid fusion.
Gucci Gucci “love fearless” silver series pendant
Each piece of jewelry is made of sterling silver, and engraved through a unique black paint treatment of different patterns and text. In the narrow or wide version of the ring, Gucci’s iconic double “G” logo was cleverly painted eyes, heart-shaped or flower patterns, and thus more gentle and soft.
Gucci Gucci “love fearless” silver series pendant
Gucci Gucci “love fearless” silver series bracelet
Heart-shaped ornaments and matching Cartier love ring replica bracelets or earrings are also engraved with a variety of whimsical witty patterns, such as peace pigeons, flowers, tiger or heart-shaped. These poetic designs are accompanied by the handwritten text “Blind for Love”, in addition to the romantic style and add the modern spirit.

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