Legendary period: 1940-1959 In 1933, zhen, Toussaint (Jeanne Toussaint) lady took over senior fake Cartier love bracelet department director, heralding the legend of Cartier age slowly open. Under her vigorously advocated, gold back to gorgeous eye-catching image, and become the kadeya's favorite metal during this period. The gold jewelry is both abstract and symbolic, almost unrestrained, ponder with various volume form and style. Some works with rainbow color gems, some even is the combination of unprecedented, such as the impression of surrealism and amethyst and aquamarine. Under the influence of her virginity, toussaint, Cartier animal image also shine in the 1940 s. A few years after the end of world war ii, "the nature kingdoms" further expansion of the Cartier. War shocked the entire society, become escape from human nature internecine ultimate refuge. The world of animals and plants detached from everything. Nature never betrayed. Most will only between realism and symbolism, set aside a certain distance. To find the perfect distance, is the key to the vertical and horizontal creative. In the Cartier, gems that birds spread their wings symbol of peace. Cartier, meanwhile, find a new inspiration from the changes in women's dress, slim waist line, a soft shoulder, and clever package buttocks MIDI, these women showed a kind of wild animal ghosts, like the pride and languid is lazy cat. In 1948, under the guidance of her virginity, toussaint, Cartier first stereo leopard brooch was born, the head proudly stand, immediately look sharp cheetah go down. Zhen, toussaint deep Ming cheetah stands for ambition and aspirations of modern women, their desire for freedom, independence and social identity, no longer is considered to the deviation of secular society, but with elegant first painting on the equal sign. Animals become Cartier love bracelet replica design theme at the same time, the master of creative style as well as the time changes and the circulation evolution: the snake scales, the leopard fur, the parrot feathers, the tortoise shells or the wings of the ladybug, etc., in the details of convey different aesthetic temperament and interest of The Times. Cartier, on the other hand, also do not forget to leisurely treasures in the animal emotion and meaning of the symbol in people's heart - Africa's wild, Egypt's divine, and Asian dragons and kirin craze. In Cartier long history, from the "wreath style" era, the flower would have become the key to its interpretation jewelry vocabulary. Beautiful flowers is one of the best theme of diamond engraving, given the high jewelry brooch or England, or the finish of the neoclassicism. Wild rose, daffodil, morning glory, Obama violets, poppy and Daisy appeared frequently on the noble brooch, by three-dimensional sculpture, described the varieties of flowers to life. Wreath of flowers and then became the Cartier later Renaissance "style" of the important subjects, thorns flower, ferns, pine nuts, bunch of lily have appeared on the brooch and pendant, Cartier love ring replica world turning into a sea of flowers. The voice of a new era: the style of stick to echo Regardless of where the wheel of time to, women love of jewelry and the pursuit of never cease. When a new era with lifestyle and irresistible innovation ideas, they are increasingly on the exploration of self. The deep desire to capture by Cartier, and unswervingly creative passion, for they present a colorful beautiful job. On adhere to the classical aesthetic style, Cartier gives new vitality, every work to make it more homely and individuation, so as to meet the needs of today's women wearing, reveals its style. The cheetah is the legendary TuTengShi image of Cartier style. The medal for the Duchess of Windsor (the Duchess of Windsor) tailor-made stereo cheetah breastpin, has already become one of history's most famous works of jewelry. Nobility is elegant and ego, which is contained in the cheetah never fade art essence. New era, young women love of jewelry is more powerful, they are transmitting the temperament of vitality and self-confidence. So "young" stereo cheetah arises at the historic moment: it quietly curled up on a 24.46 carat sapphire, elegant leisure, nifty and the attitude of the finals with focus but person, lifelike expression between less how much swagger, added a tender feelings. More Cartier jewelry please go to our website: http://www.topgifts.co Once Cartier style of "fruit trick" by including the French aristocratic Daisy, faroe heat fans: diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald, full moist under the color of grace and full of exotic, oval, pear shape, flower shape and rib and carefully crafted between like nature itself. Flowers, fruit fragrance, this style at the same time of lead, has over time become a classic. Similarly, time flow brings new aesthetic trend. Cartier deduce new kits "fruit", the continuation of the blue, green and red bold combination, but the choice of ruby color tend to be more bright, so more new kits "fruit" style of crystal clear, literally a few minutes less mature. Berries and leaves as if between gem gorgeous blossom, hidden deep in the wen wan, interwoven into a pleasant fragrance.