Time to push the movie “Dr.” born in 1962 and then push forward ten years: that year, “the father of Bond” Ian Fleming bet with a friend, he wanted to write a “end all spy “His confidence comes from his personal experience as a personal assistant to the Navy Intelligence Director, which succeeded in making up for the mediocrity of his writings as a writer, and the man who put” The name is Bond, James Bond . “Hanging in the mouth of the Super Agent 007 was born. A few years later, Fleming explained that the Cartier love bracelet replica characters, “he is the object of every girl wants to date, every boy wants to be the object, if he is brave enough, I admit he is the author of the day Dream, I always dreamed of him, I even envied him.

Daydream is the key word of this passage, which determines the empathy, projection and details of the author and the virtual character between the section if the habit of compliance. For example, Bond before joining MI6 is a Navy Lieutenant Colonel, Fleming also served the British Navy Intelligence Bureau. Like the Russian Cava, designated from the Royal Caspian Sea in the Caspian Sea; like cocktails, a quasi-“shaken, not stirred” are numerous, a lot of evidence to show that this is not the case, A fictional role of the agent who reveals Fleming’s own taste and personal habits.

However, through the Fleming in the twentieth century, fifties photos, can be seen wearing a pattern he wore about half a dozen not have any features of the watch, most of them with leather strap. Yes, I am afraid to let table fans disappointed, Fleming I do not care about the wrist thing and brand performance. Which projected to 007 who, in 1953 to 1966 published novels and short Replica Cartier love bracelet stories together about 100 places to describe James Bond wearing the watch, of which two-thirds only to explain to the reader time. Of course, these “leisurely children” or so we can still get a glimpse of some of the habits of Bond wearing a table, such as he is a napkinist who is used to wearing a watch to sleep.

Now can only be calculated Fleming probably in the summer of 1961 and 1962 spring between a Rolex “explorer” type watch. It is gratifying that the following year Rolex will replace those just for the knuckle bargain as 007 standard configuration – in Fleming’s 14 original Bond novels can be identified by the expression of the brand wrist Table only Rolex. The most famous details from the publication of the eleventh novel in 1963, “The Queen”, the main story set in a white snow-capped mountains – if you want to pick a watch on this occasion, what ratio Conquer Everest and the famous “Rolex Explorer” more appropriate? In all the description of the James Bond watch in 13% concentrated in this work, Fleming in seven places to reference to the Rolex brand. For example, the novel wrote that when James Bond in the night glanced glanced at his watch table, they see the dial on the “large luminous scale”, it is “a heavy Rolex oyster constant action wrist Table, with a spring metal chain belt. ” The “large luminous scale” is undoubtedly the “Explorer type (Rolex Explorer)” watch the most eye-catching design.

If the origin of the novel in terms of the novel, “Explorer” is the only Bond in the book wearing a brand watch. But in the movie, perhaps considering the identity of Lieutenant Colonel Navy, it was replaced by “Submarine”. Sean Connery, Timothy Dutton, George Lazenby three Bond starred in the movie, the watch is a simple and practical Rolex submariner. Roger Moore in just took over the murder license, also wore two “submarine”, and opened the 007 watch funny era of multi-functional, but the sixties and seventies of last century Japanese quartz Cartier love ring replica watch popular, Moore remaining five starred Wrist on the standard are replaced by Seiko. In fact, the first Rolex “Daytona” watch in the “Queen of the Emissary” also appeared; Breitling’s “Top Time” series in the “Thunderbolt” also appeared in the mirror, once as the detection of radioactive elements Geiger counter, In addition, Hamilton’s Pulsa watch, TAG Heuer a quartz diving watch, and Longines produced ice hockey timer have appeared in the 007 film.