Remember when young, I don't understand, often crying to remove set in two silver bracelet on her wrist. Whenever at this time, my mother would hug me, speak up that bring me sad sad and the desire of the beautiful "touching" story. "A few years ago, I have two lovely small pig, every day I want to a nearby hillside grass pick some wild vegetables back to feed them. One day, by the way, it was a beautiful spring day, sky blue, green, water clear, I just picked the potherb of carrying a basket, there is a mother-in-law, Cartier love bracelet replica vegetables, and wil wil grass, flower pig cute. Every time I go near pigs live door, they both speak and speak and tinkling ji ji to meet me. But that day I in their eyes, nor do they like usual affectionate with me. This is what happened? The original beside them there is a small bag, there is a small fat doll, grinning, giggling, a pair of hand waving, like dancing, silver bracelet wrist flashing in the sunlight to eyes light up. The two little pigs with small fat dolls. I quickly picked up the little baby in the Cartier nail bracelet replica past, his face was small pig lick black and one white one, a buffoon!". Hear here, I earnestly ask: "who's that little baby ah, where is he now?" Mom took my little chest close to kiss twice and then pull up my hand, the characteristic with silver bracelet, very movingly said: "the little baby is you!" At that time I don't know why mother will make up a story to coax me, mom is only faintly feel from the flower pig side pick up to, feed me, I everyday, tell stories to me, let me grow up happily. I later learned, mom made up the story let me wearing a bracelet, original intention is to let I good "feed", so that the healthy growth. , of course, with the passage of time, I have been deeply touched by the story, was looking forward to be able to see their own organic meeting with "mother"! Also had chuckled, his childhood is so naive! I marry have children in a twinkling of an eye. One-year-old son birthday, silver gray, kind and lovely mother, then took out a silver bracelet, crowned his beloved grandson, nazhi ungrateful, not accustomed to, restless, hands and crying incessantly. Well-meaning mom was supposed to straight on the ground, his mouth said... I jokingly hug mother, to his son, "come on, mom. You tell he is a piggy doll's story, he is not busy." Old mama, hugged grandson spoke up: "a few years ago..." Son, just the beginning, I thought my grandma to pick bracelet, a see is wrong, then crying again, don't die, let grandma's coaxing helpless old mama had to put down a grandson, "oh, my lovely grandson, grandma to pick you, can't let the wretched purgatory, eh, baby..." Really to say, don't give grandma face's grandson, just release the bondage of bracelets and play up grandma well ah what ah. Mom saw said: "this year, even of elves is not reasonable dolls, which be like you dad when I was a child a coax a quasi!" Hug me to the mother and her arms holding the Cartier love ring replica grandson, "another two or three years, you give him tell the story of the pig baby, he can understand, can obediently wear silver bracelet ah". Old mama affectionate nodded, weather-beaten wrinkled happy smiles on the faces. "My grandson doesn't like to wear bracelets, because I had to start late, if early, he was wearing habits. Wait until I have a great grandchild, I early on his head and look at his eyes are betting I don't dare!" Two years ago, our son married, but it is a pity that mom could give their great-grandchildren wear silver bracelet, then left us, due to illness. Today I held this pair to pour into the old mama flesh deep feeling, full of old mama eagerly anticipate, ten thousand silver bracelet with old mama beautiful vision of a mind in