Japanese watches to use the features, solid quality, low price to win the consumer recognition and welcome. Then what is the Japanese watch brand, the next watch home to come to tell you about it!


Seiko (SEIKO) TYO: 8050 is a well-known watchmaking company in Japan, Japan and South Korea is the largest watch movement manufacturers and suppliers, but also Japan’s first finished watch manufacturer, his watch is novel, fashion And the classic Bvlgari B.zero1 necklace replica , gives a sense of luxury.


Casio (CASIO), is a well-known Japanese electronics manufacturer. The “Casio” is always concerned about every consumer, in order to achieve “personal multimedia” goals and work. Casio is one of Japan’s three well-known watch brands, over the years to truly multi-functional G-SHOCK watch known to the world. Casio represents the vitality of the young, fashion, multi-functional brand image has been deeply rooted. So Casio is a representative of fashion, but also a symbol of the pursuit of life.


Cardison watches look luxurious atmosphere, people want to have a such a watch, a symbol of fashion, very popular.

The ancient city

The ancient city is created by Kato Masao, who was born in a decline of the Japanese aristocratic family, the ancient city always adhere to the people-oriented watch design concept – the table is a supporting role, the owner of the wrist is the protagonist, emphasizing the timing of the function, And the relationship with the human body, relying on the extraction of traditional culture. To the unique and delicate, rich inner feelings to be restrained implicit creative expression, and effective combination of Western watch values, thus forming a rich oriental temperament product style. Easy with the timing of the product system for high-quality, low price to provide an effective protection, and easy to match with the clothing. This makes the ancient city watch very popular.

Oriental Double Lion

After more than half a century has been committed to the development of technology, the creation of different styles of watches to meet the customer’s pursuit of the perfect quality of life. Because of its LOGO is two lions, previously known in China, “Double Lion” brand, “weary king” and “King of the price,” said the vicissitudes of life and the same luster.

Li sound

In more than half a century, the Japanese brand in the world clock clocks champion, is the world’s first brand of quartz clock. High-quality, high-grade, high-profile still, leading the trend of the clock, won the love of consumers in various countries. Japan Lai sound to superb craftsmanship, accurate travel, mix and match design is known to the world.


Appetime brand was born in Japan; casual, fun design, expression of the entertainment; diversified design, through the inspiration of the color and shape, to convey the pleasant atmosphere.

Citizen City

Citizen is a world-renowned watch Bvlgari ring replica brand, Citizen watch dial design is very beautiful, but the color will affect the absorption of light, and a variety of complex features to join, such as calendar, three asked the time, stopwatch timing, etc., which are related to go Specializes in how to reasonably allocate stored electricity. Such as LED display, this feature will need to consume a lot of power. “Technology and the integration of the United States,” Citizen is always uphold the purpose of product development, which is why Citizen then welcome the reasons for it welcome it.

Issey Miyake life

I believe that love to understand the Japanese students should have heard Miyake life, its clothing, perfume, the package is very popular, of course, it is also a very special table.


J.Springs (Jerry) watch power charm set in a style of self-contained, full of fashion power, by Japan, Europe and the United States and Asian consumers welcome the “J.Springs” (Jie Rui) watch, the facts , Was born in 2001, J.Springs watch famous door.

Lange watches or Rolex watches good?

Lange watches are well-known watch brands in Germany, Rolex watches are also well-known Swiss watch brand. Which of these two brands is good? Probably this is a lot of brands do not understand the brand will ask questions. The following watch home to tell you Lange watches or Rolex watches Well!

Lange A.Lange & Söhne

Lange is one of the world’s top ten watches, is also a famous luxury brand. Lange table is very accurate German mechanical watch brand, its main features are: unparalleled superb technology and high standards of perfect hand. Lange as a rare non-Swiss watch brand, is the authentic eastern German products, once due to the dictatorship of the former East Germany and disappeared, but after reunification of Germany rejuvenated again youth. Lange adhere to only mechanical precious metal watch, making it the quality and price are high, generally more than 100,000 yuan!

Rolex Rolex

Rolex is a well-known watch manufacturer in Switzerland, formerly known as Wilsdorf and Davis (W & D), by the German Hans Wilsdof (Hans Wilsdof) and the British Davis (Alfred Davis) in 1905 in London partnership The In 1908 by Hans Bvlgari bracelet replica Weissdorf in Switzerland, La Chaux-de-Fonds registered renamed ROLEX. After a century of development, Rolex, based in Geneva, already has 19 branches, 24 major service centers in the world’s major metropolises, with an annual output of about 450,000 watches and a large market share One of the famous watches.

Lange watch is good or Rolex watches good

Although these two watches are very famous watch brand, but Lange in terms of grade or price, are higher than the Rolex watch. Lange belongs to the top table, and Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin at the same level. Rolex belongs to first class!