Now very popular wear leather strap, the reason is that it is relatively soft, clothes and comfort, but also to avoid wearing a stainless steel strap exfoliation of nickel metal on the body caused by allergic reactions, and then appear high grade. Therefore, pay attention to people generally prefer to use leather strap.       Leather strap style is also varied, there are crocodile leather Crocodile, lizard skin Lizard, cowhide Cow, ostrich skin Ostrich. The most common is the leather strap. To be strong and durable, leather imitation Cartier love bracelet strap than the metal strap certainly not work. Normal wear leather strap life is 2-3 years, so maybe it is a “consumable”. But one thing is certain, as long as the usual normal wear and do care, you can greatly improve its life, and the reason to wear shoes is the same.Maintenance       And other cortex things like leather strap is the most taboo is the water, a long time immersed in the water, leather strap will soon become brittle, but also includes people’s sweat. So absolutely can not wear a leather strap watch to swim (or do a long time to contact the water thing), long sweat soaked, but also make the table moldy taste. If it is particularly sweating people, it is not suitable for wearing a leather strap. In addition to the hot season, are more suitable for wearing leather strap, so many people are equipped with metal and leather two straps, in the cool days for the epithelium, and in the summer when the metal. There are more careful people, will watch the original imported strap removed, and usually equipped with other specifications of the strap to replace the other, these are a wise move.       Long-term strong sunlight, will make the skin surface color decolorization, but also to accelerate the aging of the cortex, some chemical reagents will make the surface color of the strap color or bleaching; and wear too hard when pulling, Fixed position is also prone to cracks, (the greater the corner bending rate easier to break) so wear the strap should also be careful to do so carefully.       A little bit of the strap, the two edges of the strap are sewn with the line; low-grade some of the basic are sticking with plastic, strap water (sweat) or mildew, which stick the most easy to open the location of plastic. If you find a plastic or surface cracks, it is necessary to immediately replace, to prevent the loss of table.       Belt Belt Hard to wear a strap for a long time, in addition to produce odor, the “hardening” is also a common Replica Cartier jewelry symptom. If the strap is often in a humid environment will accelerate its hardening rate, perspiration will erode the cortex, so that the strap deformation, hardening or even broken, inexplicably caused the loss of the watch or fall. So in addition to the usual diligent maintenance, the strap hardening do not go to twists and turns it, timely replacement of the strap is absolutely necessary. With a little money in exchange for beautiful and beautiful appearance, but also to avoid unnecessary losses, do both, why not?       Belt table do not always wear, if there are two tables can replace the best. Cortical need to breathe, ventilated environment can extend the life of the strap, wearing a different table (belt), not only can reduce the risk of human damage, but also to get enough to rest the strap. In addition, the belt table wear itself is a continuous wear and tear of the process, if not day to run it naturally can accompany you longer time.Cleaning method       Leather strap cleaning, you can use a moist and soft cloth dip “wash spirit” to wipe the surface of the strap, and then quickly put on the cloth stained with water, and then put in a cool place dry. General leather oil can be used for leather strap maintenance, it is best every two months to wipe the strap, and then use the “Bili beads” (a common leather protective agent) to do some wipe maintenance.       Sweat on the leather strap damage as far as possible not to sweat when the belt will be very short to shorten the life of the strap so in addition to the usual time to be placed in a cool place to cool and dry in the leather strap with a smell when the toothbrush Toothpaste cleaning the inside of the belt to pay attention to quickly wipe a few times immediately after the dry cloth wipe dry, the other can be wiped with vinegar, with a cloth gently across the cloth several times.       But the production of strap odor is the biggest trouble with the belt wearer. When the strap to produce odor, the toothbrush stained with a little soapy water, quickly scrub dirty place, and then wipe with a damp cloth can be. To avoid the infiltration of soapy water into the cortex, the whole process is best completed in 20 seconds. In addition, consumers can also be painted on the strap leather oil, leather oil on the strap with a protective effect, allowing maintenance work more complete.       Can not be washed with water If the watch is often in a humid environment will accelerate its hardening speed, perspiration will erode the cortex, will be deformed, hardened or even broken when not in the cool place to cool the dry table with a smell when used Toothbrush Toothpaste Wash the inside of the belt quickly wipe a few times immediately after a dry cloth.