Dot eyeball deserve to act the role of modelling of upgrade 13 recruit Deserve to act the role of seems to have been the ornament with fashion, but less that make the finishing point, perfect the modelling seem to lack some of the soul, especially the whole body is pure color or plain modelling, accessories has been achieved to determine the role of modelling theme. Retro hair, the length of the collar Fake Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet necklace, luxuriant sense of bracelets, and even African wind collocation is difficult item in the summer to help you to perfect upgrade model. Everyone has a black wardrobe perhaps clairvoyant feeling dress, in addition to sexy and elegant, it also can match the African wind model. Composed of mysterious pure color is most suitable for colour is gorgeous, design complicated item. Bright handbags, shoes, and beaded necklaces are added more options for urban women. Socialite Olivia Palermo, dressed in a black clairvoyant feeling dress to attend the activity. Long and ankle dress make modelling is simple and bright, with colorful necklace, handbag and heels, shine as the stars in the dark night. Necklace is indispensable to women collar point of acrylic sheet is tasted, t-shirts and shirts, even by official feels dye-in-the-wood small suit can be fixed by collocation type a long necklace to become more handsome is not inflexible. And short replica Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet and delicate necklace is best for fair maiden temperament of dress collocation, deep neckline dress can foil a gentle temperament, make facial features look more delicate. Olivia Wilde, dressed in a black animal dark suit to attend the activities, long necklace for modelling more hale and hearty, the aura is dye-in-the-wood. Echo of aureate high-heeled shoes long necklace, more let all black modelling bright eye is revealing. Sarah Jessica Parker in L 'Agence deep V design dress, white collar short necklace and deep V design perfect cooperation, complement each other. Golden Manolo blahniks pointed high-heeled shoes make modelling more shiny. Last season the heat of the wind palace has not been fully dispersed and grandiose wide bracelet become many people's mind is good, grandiose feels dye-in-the-wood big wide bracelet tie-in and same heat suits, let pure color suits modelling more add luxuriant touch. Michelle Trachtenberg, dressed in a dark blue suit to attend the activity. Stamped on the dark high-heeled shoes, holding a large black animal print handbags, luxuriant feels dye-in-the-wood bracelet doesn't let the whole body Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet replica modelling thin boring. Retro hair become small and pure and fresh and literary and artistic young women, a necessary sheet is tasted, fine printing scarf can let black and white ash and other basic item jump. Anne Hathaway wandering the streets. 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January Jones in color matching shirt, tie-in black high waist shorts and black high-heeled shoes, shirt girl taste with age reduction effect, don't match lifting, deserve to act the role of the modelling of make more capable pure shape. Skirt collocation fastens with color of A shirt and A word, can effectively utilize the closet commuter sheet is tasted, different depth to form imitation cartier love bracelet natural administrative levels sense, printing element makes the whole body shape is thin. Emma Stone dressed in purple printed shirts with purple skirt, modelling is very have administrative levels feeling of the mature, super boots and short skirt with highlight slender legs, but darker item again tie-in lace leggings will make modelling too far. Printed shirt tie-in leather skirt does not decrease heat, soft hard collisions, both feminine and not too artificial, fashionable feeling. The weather change is big, the modelling of a sweater is temperature increase or decrease all Hold up. Emmy Rossum, dressed in A black leather a-line skirt out of the street, in A white shirt printing, plus the dark knitting coat, and foot ankle high-heeled shoes, bare hand carry pink handbags. The whole body comfortable, elegant shape.