Is a personalized signature show, 3D calorie pedometer and other multi-functional smart watches, you can set the display you want personalized slogan, through the LED screen scroll display; you can track the record you. More than 10 years of burning calories, movement steps, movement distance, but also set the task of your Cartier love bracelet replica campaign to stimulate your passion, so that sports become more fun!

Zhuo Shi Shi W4 step smart watch profile

JORRYS Wushi W4 signature 3D calorie smart watch body compact and lightweight, simple fashion, wrist arc design, wear more comfortable. Built-in high sensitivity 3D acceleration sensor, can capture your every little action, step more accurate. Table set USB2.0 interface as a whole, plug and play. Built-in high-capacity storage space, can be used as a mobile hard disk.

WIFI watch mobile phone LG G Watch R smart watch introduction

At present, smart watches are very many products, and the major manufacturers are also new products available. But most smart watches do not have WIFI function. And today we introduced the LG G Watch R is to break this embarrassing situation, the following we have to look at it!

WIFI watch mobile phone LG G Watch R smart watch introduction

Google in the latest Android Wear upgrade package to open WiFi support, making Android Wear smart watches can communicate with smart phones via WiFi connection, and even through the cloud to receive notifications. But only part of the Android Wear smart watch built-in WiFi hardware.

TechnoBuffalo said G Watch R was once considered to be unable to use WiFi to connect one of the smart watches. Fortunately, this is not the case, but users need to wait for some time to enjoy WiFi connection.

“LG Watch Urbane is the only wearable device that comes with the latest version of the Android Wear operating system,” LG said in a statement. “Out of the box is a WiFi connection. After installing the Android Wear upgrade package that supports WiFi network access, , LG G Watch R also requires the installation of a maintenance upgrade package.LG engineers in the development and maintenance of the upgrade package, the release time for the third quarter.

Despite the long waiting for regret, but for that can not use WiFi connection G Watch R users, this is undoubtedly good news.

U.SCEN watch how much money the price

U.SCEN is a cutting-edge fashion company with international background and global design. U.SCEN concept: in the simple and low-key jewelry design contains noble temperament, highlighting the female and not reveal the unique charm, looking for different ones! So a U.SCEN watch how much money?

U.SCEN watch how much money the price

U.SCEN regards the quality of the product as the life of the product. Each U.SCEN products are made from the multi-channel process, the work is very elegant Cartier ring replica, and strive to from the whole to the details are perfect, highlighting U.SCEN designer unparalleled craft, patience and professional sentiments. U.SCEN fashion jewelry of each part, including the product within the artificial modification and multi-channel polished made, so you wear more comfortable.

U.SCEN jewelry positioning in the high-end shopping malls, stationed in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities, and to enter the international market, to create the first brand of Chinese jewelry. In the market U.SCEN watch the price of 200 yuan – 20000 or so!

Weibo V.WO children smart watch mobile phone what function

The country every year at least 200,000 children missing, on file for the loss, the traffickers were more than 600,000 people. Some are abused to the street, some are trafficked, and some are child laborers, or have been killed. Children are naive and romantic, playing up what care, for their mobile phone is easy to lose, but the watch can be carried for personal, it is not easy to lose, you can cultivate children from time to time the concept of time and develop good habits and good habits. Here we recommend Weibei V.Wo children’s smart watch mobile phone, this children’s watch phone what function, take a look at it!

Weibo V.WO children smart watch mobile phone what function


1. Call (recommended to use mobile 2G 3G 4G card)

2. SMS, smart stored about 10 SMS content, the child can send text messages to parents according to different scenes, report the current real-time dynamic, so that parents worry.

3. Anti-harassment Super call firewall, refused to stranger calls, filter spam messages, you can save 50 family numbers.

4. The use of low-radiation built-in antenna, extroverted call, the radiation value of only 0.185WKG, similar products in the ultra-low radiation, all for the sake of children.

5.LBS positioning, at any time to find the child’s location. (Mobile phone card please open GPRS traffic.It is recommended to use the Chinese mobile phone card, open the minimum flow package can.)

6. Remote monitoring, monitoring the voice of the child’s surrounding environment.

7.SOS help, a key to send distress signal. (Up to 4 help numbers can be set)

8. Mode switch, to provide standard mode and classroom mode for switching, according to the scene free to switch, does not affect the teachers and other students.

Simple operation, 3 minutes to learn

Red hang key function

1. When the call is completed, press the red key to hang up

2. Return key, when the operation menu interface automatically jump to the return key

3. Power on the key, long press the smart watch boot.

Green SOS function

1. Long press 3 seconds a key for help, automatically call the family number

2. answer the phone, family number dial Cartier nail bracelet replica into the phone, press the green button to answer

3. Menu key and confirmation key, power on by pressing the green key to jump to the menu interface, the operation menu interface automatically jump to the confirmation key

Up and down the page key function

1. After entering the menu, press the page key

Can be turned up and down

2. Set the time, you can press the up and down keys to adjust the time

Exclusive design: intelligent security anti-harassment, with the following two ways: 1. No pre-stored SIM card number will not be able to dial or send information to the machine, hard protection; 2. The machine can only call the family number, Can not talk to other numbers.

Standing in the user’s point of view to design products, can really provide safe and convenient products. Wei Bo V.WO children’s smart watches, not just a watch, as well as mobile phone features, as well as anti-bit loss function, intimate design, let the children love to make adults feel at ease.